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MCV Volunteer and MSBT SisterMarina Bach served as a long-term Missionary Cenacle Volunteer in 2011-2012 in South Philadelphia. She lived in community with our Sisters, the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Marina served in Hispanic Ministry, teaching ESL, coordinating teams of local volunteers, and most importantly creating a library at a local school and leading literacy programs for the students!

Left: Marina with Sister Maria Lauren, MSBT outside of their home (which the MSBT Sisters call a Cenacle) in South Philly.


School Library before VolunteerSchool Library after Volunteer with kids









Volunteer also went to TrinitaAbove Left: St. Thomas Aquinas School had acquired many books over the years, but had never had the staff, time or resources to organize a library, as seen in this "before" picture. Marina dedicated countless hours to cleaning, designing and painting the space, then cataloging and shelving the books. She even recruited other local volunteers to help!

Above Right: A view of the library "after" it's extreme makeover. Throughout the school year and over the summer, Marina coordinated literacy activities and clubs for the students, making full use of the new library. These 35 summer book club participants read nearly 10,000 pages in 6 weeks!

Left: Marina accompanied families from South Philly to Trinita in July, where the parents and children were able to escape city life for a week while enjoying faith and family-oriented activities in the great outdoors.


Courtney Paquin served as a long-term Missionary Cenacle Volunteer in 2011 in Montgomery, Alabama.

She lived in a Cenacle and served alongside our Sisters, the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity.

We wish her the best as she takes her next steps beyond MCV and continues to respond to the call to serve!

Please enjoy these photos and stories from Courney's Mission with MCV!

One of Courtney's projects during her time as an  MCV was organizing a free book fair for the children she served. Almost 500 books were collected. The children were able to browse and choose 5 books they would like to read. Once they finish a book and it is in good condition, they are able to bring it back to the trailer and exchange it for another. The whole idea of the book fair was to encourage kids to continue to read throughout the summer, emphasize the importance of books, and to promote a general love for reading and knowledge.









 Above Left: Children searching for the perfect read at the book fair.

Above Right: Courtney helped organize a Vacation Bible School in Union Springs, AL. She was in charge of singing and dancing with the children while incorporating the theme of that day. Over forty children attended the "Rainforest Adventure" and learned what is means to give, share, grow, pray and love. She also helped with another VBS in Montgomery, AL.

Immediate Left: Courtney and a handful of the children in front of the "Catholic Trailer" in Union Springs, AL. Every Wednesday Courtney traveled to this small town to lead a Bible study, two English classes, an after school program for the kids, and a mentoring program for a couple teenage girls. Courtney came to know and love all of these phenomenal, inspiring children and was heartbroken to have to say goodbye.

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